Corolla Wild Horse Adventure in North Carolina

Corolla Wild Horse Adventure
Corolla Wild Horse Adventure

Descended from the Spanish Mustangs brought to the Outer Banks by early explorers, the Corolla Wild Horses have roamed across the Currituck Outer Banks for approximately 400 years. These horses are such a significant cultural and historic resource to the area that the Spanish Mustang was designated as the official state horse of North Carolina in 2010.

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Spanish Mustang
Spanish Mustang


The Corolla Wild Horse Tours knowledgeable guides have the ability to talk to you while on the tour. This will give you the chance to learn both area history plus details of the Corolla Wild Horse story. Please ask them lots of questions and keep them honest! Corolla Wild Horse Tours are safe for all ages and are car seat friendly.

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Corolla Wild Horse Tours focuses on family. With 15 passenger open-air safari style truck, you will feel fresh ocean breezes and soak in the salt sea air while experiencing the wonders of nature. Wild horse tours are safe for any age and kids in car seats are always welcomed. The expert tour narration will focus on the history of Corolla, the wild horses and the North Carolina Beaches. All tours come with a money back guarantee.

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

The tours take two hours and will cover 25 miles of off-road cruising. This tour will take you behind the dunes into the neighborhoods where the horses graze. The horses have 7,500 acres to roam and are in small harems that will have 3-6 horses per grouping. Generally it sees the horses out grazing or cooling off by the water. Currently it has around a hundred horses roaming Carova Beach.